Process and materials for replication of structures

Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL) is a replication technology of structures in micro- and nano scales.

Imprinting Lithography is the process of transferring structures from a patterned stamp to a substrate surface.

OpTool developed process and materials suitable to be used as polymer-stamp with NON-Sticky and perfect wetting properties. Our materials are UV-curable.

OpTool supply complementary products such as Adhesion Promoter, Anti-Sticking Agent, Etch mask resist, and transparent Photoresist.

OpTool also produces custom-made equipment and OEM-parts for high volume production companies.

Applications are in the areas of passive Optical Elements (e.g. VR, AR, …), Biological Devices, Optical Devices (e.g., LED), Large Area Display, etc.

Polymer stamp: PS 

  • The Polymer Stamp is used as a transfer step to overcome substrate un-flatness. 
  • OpTool developed unique material to reduce process time, complicity and cost.
  • UV curing applied to enable high throughput
  • No Anti-sticking process needed

Final Substrate Imprint

  • OpTools technology is based on soft lamination and low-pressure induced replication technology in order create a uniform structures into a resist layer
  • UV curing applied to enable high throughput