Nano-imprint Lithography Laminator

The laminator is made to vacuum hold the stamps or wafers. It also hole the Carrier foil to be laminate on either stamp or on the wafer.

A roller with special hardness that make the application and de-molding process with high accuracy, eliminating structure  deformation.

The holders are for manually easy use and give very good result for starters or for simple fast process evaluation.  

The standard sizes are made for 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch semi-standard wafers. Other sizes can easily be made. Please contact

Standard polymer-stamp manufacturing

Place the stamp on the chuck.

Laminate the carrier foil on stamp.

UV-curing the polymer-stamp material.

Delaminate the carrier foil from stamp. Now the polymer-stamp is ready to use.


Detail process description and videos for polymer stamp production and final substrate imprint can be requested from OpTool.